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Square and Compass


Elected Officers

Kenneth J. Webb

Worshipful Master

Lance B. Goldstein

Senior Warden

William S. Todd, II

Junior Warden

Thomas P. Baggstrom


Carl P. Rigefsky


Appointed Officers

Aiden H. Le

Senior Deacon

Jeffery A. Stirling

Junior Deacon

Mark J. Perlman, PM

Assistant Secretary

John E. Palmer

Senior Master of Ceremonies


Alan R. Cave

Junior Master Of Ceremonies

John C. Wile


Grand Lodge Representatives:

Charles Holloway, PDDGM

Representative in the Grand Lodge 

Ricardo Vera, PM

Substitute Representative in the Grand Lodge

Trustees of the Funds

Gary Davis, PDDGM
Richard Weber, PM
Mark J. Perlman, PM

Daniel E. Yasenchak, PM
Kenneth F. Kremsky

Douglas R. Reich, PM
Philip Gaspari